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EC 05: with Cory Carter

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During our launch, Cory Carter shares the biggest thing he does to get visible online.

Episode Notes

Virginia Purnell:

Welcome to entrepreneur conundrum with Virginia Purnell, where growing entrepreneurs share how they get visible online. 

Hi everyone and welcome. Today I'm talking with Cory Carter about how he helps business owners find the right partners to potentially 10 X their audience. Corey is a leader of leaders. He helps the many reach new Heights in their business and careers while teaching them to figure out their why's, set the right goals, and then work the best strategy to achieve those goals. Corey and his business partner Ron cool, have a podcast called Hindsight HacKing and a Facebook group of the same name that is all about hacking others hindsight to give you a clearer foresight. 

Welcome Corey.

Cory Carter:

Thank you so much Virginia. And I'm excited to be here. Really really looking forward to the launch of this.

Virginia Purnell:

Thanks. I'm excited too and thank you for joining us. So can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Cory Carter:

Yeah, definitely. So my story is basically I grew up knowing that the only way to get what I needed or wanted was I needed to work hard for it. And so at a young age, 13 I started delivering papers at five in the morning and literally ever every bit after that I would put in 60 hours a week. You know, as as I was 16 years old going to school, I would just know that I just needed to put in the time and I would get the money back. Right. And so it took me years of doing that until my first son was born that I was always around, always trading that time for the money. And then my son was born, my wife actually hemorrhaged and ended up in a pretty bad state. And I was at work two days after my son was born.

Cory Carter:

And you know, like I knew at that point I needed to find something, find a different way, find a better way, work smarter, not harder. And so yeah, that kind of led me on this journey of figuring out what's, what's the best way and how do I do things and how can I provide, you know, and serve people and what do I love doing? And all these questions you ask yourself, right. Finding my own why and helping other people find their why. It became kind of a passion for me. So that's really the number one thing. Like I was always working for somebody working, you know, as hard as I can, as many hours as I could to now where I don't sacrifice the family like I once did,

Virginia Purnell:

Which I bet your wife and kids appreciate.

Cory Carter:

Yes, yes, absolutely. It's you know, it took me, it still took me another 10 years after that time when I, when I needed, when I was, when my, my wife almost passed and that literally it's now, I mean, my partner Ron, like he always commends me on, on the, I won't, I won't flex. Like, you know, if I'm at home during certain times, like I'll still work hard and do things I love. But yeah, it's definitely made for a much, much better house, much better home life for sure. Well, I'm glad that you can separate the two, the work life and the home life. But one quick question for you. What is the biggest thing that you do to get visible online? Does. It's funny, I could, I could go into a long story on this for sure, but I'll try to keep it somewhat short.

So when I, I was, I was always this voyer when it came to social media, like I, before I transitioned into working on all this online business, I literally would have had like a hundred friends on Facebook and their friends and family and even my closest relatives and closest friends, I never interacted with them. I literally watch them put their photos up of them, their lives, and I never put my own photos up. Now my, my wife would put photos up, a boss and people would comment. But again, I was this big Voyager and I never did anything online. And up until about two years ago when we move, we shifted to some online online business and a different way of networking. So if this became this thing where instead of just looking at it as I'm doing this for fun, I literally was like, okay, well this is for work and I can be, it can be for fun at the same time.

Right? And so the number one way to that I became visible was literally you just go in, you like certain people's things or you provide a little bit of value here and there and, and before you knew it. And like, not that I've, they're all close friends, but I've got like 4,000 friends on Facebook now. And again there's, there's probably several that aren't real friends, but I think it's so many contacts and connections that just because provide a comment here, provide a comment there. And next thing you know, you're, you're hanging out with someone like a Jamie Atkinson who is, you know, King of podcasts, right? Like you just get in these circles where you provide a little bit of value at the right times. And next thing you know, you're, you're B, you're a little bit visible. Now obviously the last piece to that is you have to publish in some way, shape or form online.

So I can go into a group and comment and like and do different things, but if there's no reason to come and watch me follow me or anything on my own stuff, then you know it's, it's irrelevant what you're doing. And so that's kinda like the last piece of getting visible to anything online for sure. So consistency is key. Yes, absolutely. Even with our podcasts, I mean, it's releasing every single week at least once a week. Like that's no matter what we make sure to get it done right. And we've found that we started a Facebook group and just a little bit of the little bit of consistency and posting and providing information. And next thing you know, we're, you know, go from five people in a group to 40 right? Like this and that. And that's not even trying, that's literally just, okay, I'm going to start adding some value and some content consistently.

Virginia Purnell:

Thank you so much for sharing. I'm excited to have you back for another episode and how can people find out more about you and what you do?

Cory Carter:

Yeah, absolutely. You know, my favorite thing is definitely the Hindsight HacKing community. So either on Facebook under Hindsight HacKing or on our podcast. That's probably the, my favorite two things that we're doing right now and having a lot of fun with and hopefully providing some value for some folks.

Virginia Purnell:

Okay, awesome. So thank you again, Cory Carter for sharing with us and thank you to each of you for joining us for this amazing interview. 

Thank you so much for joining us today. Be sure to subscribe and leave some love through a review and I'll catch you on the next episode.

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